Speed driving

September 1, 2006 at 12:24 pm (Egypt, Fragments)

I start the engine.

Heliopolis looks so beautiful by dawn. European-style buildings standing tall beside Mosque minarets, BMWs parked next to FIAT 128s, reminding me of how diverse Cairo is, how diverse Egypt is, and how in that diversity lies beauty, in chaos lies harmony, in contradiction lies consistency. That’s my Cairo, that’s my Egypt, that’s my identity.

I push the pedal and drive along 6th of october bridge. For the first time I notice how many minarets we have in Cairo. Was it trying to reach as much believers as possible when it’s time for prayer or was it an attempt to reach higher up towards heaven that made them build minarets so high? I guess there’s no way now to tell which is which, but I like both thoughts.

 I think to myself, Latin beat matches Cairo spirit a lot. Is music truly universal or am I half Latin somehwere up my family tree? I know I got Arab, Egyptian, Turkish blood, but Latin? I still didn’t mind the thought. I feel at peace with the wolrd, and most importantly, with myself.

I push the 5th gear, and think to myself, maybe it’s the spirit of overcoming obstacles that attract me to speed-driving, maybe that spirit will paint a new canvas of a new Egypt one of these days.

What draws the line between ambitions and wishes? I don’t know for sure, but I know every wish I have is an ambition until something stops me.

I don’t know what on earth could stop me, I’m half-crazy, and that’s closer to virtue than I’ve ever experienced.

I’m empowered by millions like me who drive along high-ways and wonder, what road-bumps is the world going to bring along? They’re not stopping, neither am I.

I’m in love with a city, a culture, a place, an identity, and I’d die before I let it go down history as mere memories. We’re here to stay, to rise, and we will.

I kill the engine. I park and get off my car self-righteously as half a god. Could anyone stop this new dawn? Could anyone stop this new day? Could anyone stop this sunrise?

Cairo is there, like a goddess, she knows she’s here to stay. So do we.

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