The Big Brother going digital

September 8, 2006 at 12:36 pm (Egypt, Politics, Winds of change)

Two of Egypt’s leading ISPs, namely TE-Data and LinkDotNet are collaborating with the government by gathering user information for the benefit of the infamous Amn El-Dawla, which is climbing the ladder to match Gestapo’s brutality, only Nazi Gestapo wasn’t as brutal when it comes to German citizens, Egyptian oppression is exclusively towards Egyptian.

I’ve started noticing that about 2 months ago, when I found that blogs on blogger were “banned”. I switched to another ISP in that same day.

Egypt is not particularly known for respecting freedom of speech. As one comedian once put it satirically “You have the right to practice free speech, and I have the right to put you in jail”. This is very true now with the new legislation criminalizing any criticism to the president, and probably MPs to follow. Soon all “legal” criticism would be self-criticism. Already criticizing “friendly countries” and government actions could send one to the dungeons of Amn El-dawla, where no rights are kept, not even survival.

And now with leading ISPs exploiting the anonymity and privacy of users, other ISPs are likely to follow, and soon even the cyber world will be an extension of this Orwellian regime.

Now what should be done?


 The Big Brother is going digital, and it is THIS generation that takes responsibility for keeping him checked.

The blogosphere is pretty much our last resort for free speech, if we let it be compromised then we will rightfully bring more oppression upon ourselves.

Freedom is never given, it’s always taken.

Let’s take ours.



  1. Reason Reigns said,

    Unless the authorities cut off all access to the web they’ll have a hard time shutting down all forms of expression… Although it is likely to be very risky to continue to express your thoughts while big brother is snooping.

    Fear — state-fear of opinion is the greatest threat to liberty and must be fought with vigor.

  2. MechanicalCrowds said,

    In China they call it the Great Firewall of China!!!

    I suggest proxy.

  3. blacklander said,

    Yeah well, the only problem is an anonymous proxy server will record every single nuance of data transmitted or received. I like the idea though.

  4. blacklander said,

    Well said Reason Reigns. I hope it does.

  5. SJ said,

    First thanks for your comments on my blog.

    Second I am glad you have access of some sort as of now. I wonder what the solution to the freedom of speech issue is.

  6. blacklander said,

    You’re most welcome. Your one-liners are hilarious 🙂

    Change, start again from the beginning. That’s always a solution.

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