December 5, 2006 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized)

By now things are getting clearer. I might have found the single-most element that have been messing me up all along. The man died, and I created the small god. The small god turned out pagan, and I became the self-proclaimed little god of small things. Now, all fake gods should step aside and make way for the new reality, based only on what it is, on the subtle arrangements of fate, on genuine desires and dreams, not based on mental images or role models, but based solely on what should later give way to the lines of right and wrong. My kingdom is now what it is, the castles of sand are falling, the throne of ice is melting, and the line between what is and what could be is getting clearer.
I’m sane.



  1. Ghada said,

    well, I guess you will somehow miss the castels of sand, and the throne of ice…. after all those are your companions for so long….. but I’m happy with what I read…. that’s a change for the better… I guess 🙂 … I mean you could be “sane” after all!! 😀 you inspired me !

  2. autoscriptor said,

    Congrats dude…
    As Ghada implied sand castles and the ice throne were rooted inside and even if you let go with them they will continue to constitute a very vivid side of you as an intellectual entity. I don’t hate neither my castles nor my ice throne, but I don’t let them ruin my awaking.

  3. istas said,

    It’s no use to be sane in the land of the crazy… Did you have to kill him?

  4. Migo said,

    Sane? I wouldnt go that far… But oh well, at least you’re cool. 😛
    Thats gotta count for something. 🙂

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